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Pet Grooming Services

We don’t just keep your pet healthy, we help keep your pet properly groomed too! Our onsite grooming services keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy, their nails properly trimmed, and their skin free from irritants.

Our Grooming Services

Proper grooming is about more than keeping your pet looking adorable and fresh for photos. Although that’s always great, too! Grooming is an important part of your pet’s health, ensuring that their coat is clean and cared for, their hair and skin are free from painful mats and ingrown hair, and their nails are the right length for their species and breed.

To our team of veterinarians in Tarpon Springs, grooming is akin to medical care. We take it very seriously and also ensure that your pet is comfortable and at-ease throughout their grooming appointment. We offer everything from regular grooming to gentle, deep-cleans to restore pets to their healthiest condition, ensuring they’re not only beautiful but also healthy in every way.

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Located on Pinellas Ave (Alt Route 19) off of Klosterman Rd. Just 0.6 miles South of Tarpoon Springs Golf Course and 1.7 miles East of Klosterman Point.

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