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Diagnostic Care

Our facility offers advanced technologies in digital radiography, ultrasound, lab work and blood tests, and more to identify illnesses and injuries early on and with accuracy.

Laboratory Services

At Anclote Animal Hospital, our in-house diagnostic laboratory gives us the ability to conduct laboratory work on-site, making your veterinary experience more convenient, and helping ensure you get your pet's test results back as quickly as possible. Our diagnostic laboratory allows us to conduct and process everything from blood work and urinalysis to skin scrapings, fecal diagnostics, and other routine or case-specific work.

We recognize that waiting on results about your pet’s health is stressful, which is why we make every effort to ensure fast turnaround on lab results with stringent focus on accuracy. 

Other services available in our lab include blood counts and blood chemistry panels, in addition to skin scrapings, fecal diagnostics, general blood work, and urinalysis.

During all laboratory work, we go to great lengths to ensure that your pet is comfortable, calm, and at ease. Our veterinarians and staff follow all industry-standard best practices to help make the process as smooth and painless as possible, while concurrently and consistently maintaining the highest standards of safety and attention to detail.

Digital X-Ray

When a physical examination doesn’t give us all the information we need about your pet to make a diagnosis or confirm their health, we’ll sometimes recommend a digital x-ray be captured. Digital x-ray allows us to look deeper into your pet’s physiology, examining your pet’s organs, bones, and other internal systems to identify where things may be going wrong and begin to treat the source of any issues.

Digital radiography, like an x-ray you may have received yourself at some point in your life, emits so little radiation in a single scan that it’s completely harmless to your pet. Plus, it can be essential in providing important and even lifesaving care.

X-rays at Anclote Animal Hospital are often used to assess the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys, and to look for signs of conditions that can include bladder stones, arthritis, liver disease, spinal cord problems, and more.


Like x-rays, ultrasounds help us see inside your pet’s body to learn more about what’s causing certain symptoms. Ultrasounds are most often used to examine your pet’s abdominal and chest area and the organs that reside there.

While x-rays provide a static image of your pet’s body at a point in time, ultrasounds allow us to examine how their body is functioning in real-time. We can watch their hearts beat, lungs work, and gain insights into whether they’re operating properly or need to be treated for anomalies or issues.

The process for delivering ultrasounds is completely painless and noninvasive. Like a pregnancy ultrasound, we’ll apply a cool gel onto your pet’s skin in the area we want to examine, then glide a smooth electronic probe over the area which will send an image to a screen. 

Allergy & Dermatology Testing

Is there anything worse than having to watch your pet suffer through allergies? From itchy and irritated skin to coughing, wheezing, or difficulty breathing, no owner wants to see their pet experience allergy symptoms.

Like us, our pets are susceptible to allergic responses to certain foods and environmental factors. When this is the case, our expert clinical team follows a specific diagnosis process designed to identify the cause and prescribe the right treatment to reduce these allergic responses.

We’ll start by checking for the presence of common allergic triggers such as fleas or food allergies. If one of these sources isn’t the cause, a veterinary specialist will administer a full allergy test. Similar to allergy testing in humans, we’ll inject very small doses of a wide range of allergens onto your pets skin, then identify allergies based on which injection sites experience an allergic response. Your pet receives a light sedative before this test, ensuring minimal discomfort and stress.

Once we’ve identified your pet’s specific allergies, we can formulate vaccinations or oral treatments designed to begin the process of acclimating your pet to the allergen and reducing or eliminating symptoms.


Endoscopy is a procedure that’s minimally invasive and involves the use of a long, flexible tube with a tiny camera attached. It is inserted into the stomach or colon via either the mouth or rectum while your pet is sedated, and allows for full-color, clear views of your pet’s esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon in order to identify abnormalities, swelling, scarring, or irregular operation.

At Anclote Animal Hospital, we may determine after an initial examination that your pet requires an endoscopy to get more information about what we’re dealing with and how best to treat it. In these cases, we’ll refer you to a trusted endoscopy specialist with whom we have a close relationship and who will provide a level of care that meets our standards at Anclote Animal Hospital. All subsequent care will continue with us here at Anclote Animal Hospital.

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