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Senior Pet Care

Our older pets are some of our most soulful, faithful, and warm companions. But their age comes with a range of health-related concerns— which is why special veterinary care is so important.

Caring For Senior Pets

Our pets age much more quickly than we do, and as a result most dogs and cats are considered to have special age-related needs by the time they’re 6 or 7. 

Many of the same biological changes that happen to humans as we age also happen to our pets. Joints become weaker and experience issues, weight becomes easier to gain and harder to lose, energy levels go down, and muscle mass is lost. But, just as is the case in people, our pets can age gracefully by focusing on giving them the best age-related care and lifestyle possible.

When our Anclote Animal Hospital team works with your senior pet, we’ll focus on areas such as unique nutritional needs, mobility, mental health, and lifestyle changes that come with having an aging dog or cat.


Blood tests are a great way to see how your aging pet is doing when it comes to their overall health, organ function, and other factors. These tests can also be used to tell us how your pet’s body is responding to specific treatments or nutritional changes.


Analyzing your pet’s urine helps us diagnose potential health concerns and identify risk factors that might lead to future problems. Urine tests can and should be a part of regular check-ups for senior pets, helping our clinical team to catch illness before it’s too late to properly treat it.

Diagnostic Imaging

From digital radiography to screenings for glaucoma (fluid buildup in the eyes common in senior pets), our diagnostic technology is designed to give us insight into your pet’s health on a deeper level.

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