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Our pets experience a lot of the world through their mouths, which makes proper dental care as important-if not more important- than it is for humans. At Anclote Animal Hospital, we offer everything from preventative dental care and dental cleanings to dental extractions and oral surgery, diagnosis of dental issues, and treatment.

Dental Examinations

Prevention is the best medicine! Our team of veterinarians at Anclote Animal Hospital is believers in catching dental and mouth-related problems early, before they become major issues. Dogs and cats over 3 years of age are particularly susceptible to dental disease, which involves plaque and tartar moving below the gumline and causing lesions, damage to connective tissues, and even deterioration of the jawbone.

Annual dental examinations allow our doctors to check your pet’s overall oral health, including the opportunity to check for early signs of dental disease. Symptoms that your doctor will look for include excessive drooling, bleeding gums, swollen gums, dropping food while eating, and bad breath—all signs that your pet’s mouth is causing them pain or isn’t functioning properly.

Regular dental examinations are highly recommended, because, just like in humans, it’s much easier, safer, and less costly to treat minor dental issues than major ones after they’ve developed.

Dental Cleanings

In cases where our team identifies buildup of plaque and tartar, we’ll probably recommend a dental cleaning. These aren’t much different from the cleaning you would expect at a human dentist— we’ll scrub away plaque and tartar, polish your pet’s teeth, and may spot-treat specific issues with fillings, tooth repair, and potentially tooth extractions where necessary (and only after discussing with you and getting approval). 

During cleanings, we like to alleviate the stress your pet might experience by safely anesthetizing them during the procedure. (After all, they don’t know why we’re prodding around in their mouths.) This also ensures that your pet will be still, allowing the vet to clean and examine their teeth effectively and thoroughly without missing anything.

At-Home Dental Care

If your pet has specific dental needs, we may prescribe some at-home treatments or tools you can use to help keep your best friend’s teeth and mouth in tip-top shape. These may range from treats designed to help clean their teeth and gums to a regiment of brushing.

Whatever our expert team recommends, we’ll ensure that we take the time to explain exactly how you can give these at-home treatments safely, easily, and without undue stress on your pet. We’ll also likely schedule a follow-up to see how these at-home treatments are going and determine whether they’re getting the job done.

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