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Health & Travel Certificates

When traveling overseas, your pet will need a special certificate proving that they're healthy enough to travel, free of parasites, and current on all required vaccinations. Whatever your next adventure with your pet, we can help you get there.

Traveling With Your Pet

Whether you’re moving, traveling overseas, or preparing for a long-term adventure, we understand that leaving your pet at home is often out of the question. But traveling with your pet can require some specific documentation first, depending on where you’ll be traveling with your furry friend.

Make sure to contact us with plenty of time before your departure date, ensuring that we’ll have time to determine what documents you need and what examinations and vaccinations will be required beforehand. For example, if your pet needs multiple rounds of vaccinations before being allowed to travel, they may need to be spread out over a few weeks or months, so don’t delay!

We’ll administer all required examinations and tests for a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, which indicates that your pet is healthy, not displaying any signs or symptoms of serious illness, and is properly vaccinated.

Remember, don’t wait until a few days or weeks before your trip or move to call us. You may need more time than you think to get all of the proper documentation in order to travel with your pet.

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